Here are some events from 2012:

New Zealand Jan Slideshow:
South Island
North Island
Video of dolphins
Video of Mauri performance
Japan (first business trip of 2012) Feb    
BACDS Spring Weekend Mar Slideshow  
Judy & Linnea birthday party Mar Slideshow  
Bottle Orchestra / Musical Emergency Mar Slideshow Video of bottle orchestra
Wildflowers & garden near Nevada City Apr Slideshow  
Comhaltas Convention, St. Louis Apr Slideshow Video of set dancing
May Day at Inspiration Point May Slideshow  
South Bay morris tour May    
Start of treasure hunt 2 May    
Folklife May Slideshow  
Moon In June Jun Slideshow  
July 4th at Shoreline Ampitheater Jul Slideshow  
Weekend vacation in the East Bay Jul    
Patty's party weekend Jul Slideshow  
Lark Camp Aug Slideshow video
Amelia 30th birthday Aug    
California visit from Myfanwy & Guy Aug Slideshow  
Sara & Ryan's wedding Aug Slideshow  
Kaplan family vacation: Ashland, OR Sep Slideshow  
Nicolas & Shannon's baby shower Sep Slideshow video
Ren Faire Sep Slideshow  
Harold's 85th birthday Sep Slideshow  
Rocky Mountain National Park Oct Slideshow  
Workshops at Kowana ranch Oct Slideshow video1 video2
Jack Russell brewery morris gig Nov Slideshow  
Nicolas, Shannon, Vivienne Nov    
Thanksgiving at Nicolas & Shannon's Nov    
Evening of Culture at SF Opera Dec Slideshow  
Julia & Martin's wedding #2 Dec Slideshow  
Curacao & Trinidad Dec



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