Here are some events from 2014:

Visit Carrie in Arizona Jan Slideshow  
Wassail (Alameda) Jan Slideshow  
Point Reyes (Coast Camp) Mar Slideshow  
Kowana Ranch visit Mar Slideshow  
Playford Ball Mar Slideshow  
Bachelor party tour Apr Slideshow  
Cathy's 85th birthday party Apr Slideshow  
Rehearsal/out-of-towners dinner Apr Slideshow  
Various post-wedding stuff Apr Slideshow  
May Day May Slideshow  
Honeymoon in Kauai May Slideshow  
Folklife May    
Moon In June Jun Slideshow  
Solstice, including SFFFF Jun Slideshow  
July 4th weekend in Oregon Jul Slideshow  
Weekend in Sonoma, incl. Meadowood Jul    
Lark Camp Aug Slideshow  
Kaplan family vacation in Camden, ME Aug Slideshow  
200th birthday party (Julia, Lisa, Randall, self) Sep Slideshow  
Ren Faire Sep Slideshow  
Michael Duffy's 50th birthday Sep Slideshow  
Visit Angeline & William in Tulsa Oct Slideshow  
Thanksgiving @ Jonathan & Jenny's Nov Slideshow  
Christmas Dec    
Wren Boys Dec Slideshow  
Sebastopol wassail Dec Slideshow  

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