Here are some events from 2013:

Wassail (in Alameda) Jan Slideshow  
Vanessa Schnatmeier memorial dance Mar    
Jill, Susan, Lawrence birthday party Mar Slideshow  
Point Reyes (Coast Camp) Mar Slideshow  
CCE Convention, Bethesda MD Apr Slideshow Video Video Video Video
Crane's first birthday party Apr    
Miriam's birthday weekend Apr    
West Coast morris ale Apr Slideshow  
May Day May Slideshow  
Croatia, with stopovers in London May Slideshow  
Moon In June Jun Slideshow  
Kaplan family vacation, Cape Cod Jun Slideshow  
Wendy's birthday beach party Jul Slideshow  
Lark Camp Aug Slideshow Video of a session
Kowana Ranch visit Aug Slideshow Video of inaugural dance in new house
Video of Julie being silly
Gilgamesh reading at Julia & Martin's Sep    
Clubbing after my birthday Sep    
Visit friends in Klamath Falls, Oregon Oct Slideshow  
Ayako and Krste's Halloween party Oct Slideshow  
Deirdre's Halloween party Oct    
Martin's Halloween party Oct    
Vivienne's first birthday party Oct Slideshow  
Zane on Halloween Oct    
Calvaleigh & Kevin's Halloween party Oct    
Visit friends in Portland, OR Nov    
Claudia baby shower Nov Slideshow  
Christmas Dec Slideshow  
Wren boys Dec Slideshow  
Greta's birthday party Dec Slideshow  

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