Here are some events from 2011:

Apple Tree and Berkeley wassails Jan Slideshow  
Winter Traditions Day of Dance Jan Slideshow  
SF Ballet Feb Slideshow  
BACDS Spring Weekend Mar    
CCE Convention, San Antonio Mar Slideshow Video
BACDS Playford Ball Apr  


Ranch weekend Apr Slideshow  

Sonoma weekend, including French Laundry

Apr Slideshow  
Miriam's 40th birthday dinner Apr    
England: May Day, Myfanwy's move, dad's funeral May Slideshow  
Mill Valley/Larkspur dancing & Lori's rapture party May Slideshow Video
Folklife May Slideshow


Moon In June Jun Slideshow Video
San Francisco Free Folk Festival Jun Slideshow  
Tuscon, visiting Carrie Jul Slideshow  
Fox on the Town photoshoot, plus set dance Jul    
Jocelyn's 30th birthday party Jul Slideshow Video
Lark Camp Aug Slideshow  
Kaplan family vacation in Asheville, NC Aug Slideshow  
Visit to England and France for Nicolas & Shannon's wedding Sep/Oct Slideshow Lode Mill
"Mini Moon" at Kowana Ranch Oct Slideshow  
Jack Russell brewery Nov Slideshow  
LA to visit Rusty & Margaret on Queen Mary Nov Slideshow  
Thanksgiving at Lori's Nov Slideshow  
Wren Boys Dec Slideshow  

New camera (Nikon D7000) in use from March.

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