Here are some events from 2009:

Berkeley wassail Jan Slideshow
Winter traditions Day of Dance Jan Slideshow
Winery tour (Pauline's visit) Feb  
Montreal Feb Slideshow
Point Reyes, backpacking Mar Slideshow
Claudia & John-Glen's farewell breakfast Apr  
Antony & Marga's visit party Apr Slideshow
Lori's party Apr Slideshow
May Day May Slideshow
Roaring Camp railroad May Slideshow
Morris dancing at Tilden Park May  
Northwest Folklife May Slideshow
Judy & Jim's wedding Jun Slideshow
Kaplan family vacation, NY Jul Slideshow
Dee's Glam party (10 years in USA) Jul  
Lark Camp Aug Slideshow
Oregon road trip to see Kelle & Kev Aug  
Julia's birthday / reading party Sep Slideshow
Cliff's party Sep  
Sebastopol Celtic Festival Sep Slideshow
Muir Woods with Miriam's parents Sep  
Joc and Sam's wedding Oct Slideshow
Colorado to visit Angeline & William Oct Slideshow
Point Reyes, Halloween backpack Oct Slideshow
Jack Russell Brewery, bonfire night Nov Slideshow
Opera, plus drinks before at Dee's Nov  
Thanksgiving near Mendocino Nov  
Dickens Faire Dec  
Gryphon Carollers concert Dec  
Europe (England + Germany) Dec/Jan Slideshow


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