Here are some events from 2007:

Berkeley Wassail (Peninsula), 1/2007
Tirtza & Barry's wedding, 1/2007. Plus some more photos of Tirtza & Barry taken in San Francisco
Bear Valley ski weekend, 1/2007
Pebble Beach horse ride, 1/2007
Emerald Extravaganza, 2/2007
Playford Ball, 3/2007
Nick & Andrea's wedding, 4/2007
May Day, 5/2007
Jack Russell Brewery with Berkeley Morris, 5/2007
Angeline & William's wedding, 5/2007
Moon In June at the Kowana Ranch, 6/2007
San Francisco Free Folk Festival, 6/2007. I was co-director this year
Kaplan family vacation in Acadia, Maine, 7/2007
Lark Camp, 8/2007
Jonathan & Jenny's wedding, 9/2007
Point Reyes backpacking, 9/2007
Oregon road trip to visit Kelle, 10/2007
Lori's foot painting party, 10/2007
Point Reyes hike (Tomales Point), 11/2007
Thanksgiving at home, 11/2007
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight reading @ Alisyn's, 12/2007
Christmas eve @ Jonathan & Jenny's, 12/2007
Christmas day in San Francisco, 12/2007
Arizona, 12/2007


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