CCE Irish/Scottish Singing Sessions

Sessions are held on the first Friday of each month, starting at approx 8pm. A different person hosts each month. For a calendar of up-coming sessions, click here.

If you have any questions about the session, contact Michael Jones or Deirdre McNamara.

There is an email list for announcements of sessions and other singing matters. Contact Michael Jones to be added.


Click Here for a songbook of standard words for common songs we sing. There are often multiple versions of songs, so we have picked these versions so we can all sing together. If you have any comments or corrections for the songbook, please contact Deirdre McNamara or Michael Jones.

Here's another songbook, collected by John Hopkirk, and scanned and indexed by Larry Joba.

If it isn't in the books, or you know a different version, that is fine. The leader of the song is free to choose anything they want to sing. But we do try to stick to Irish/Scottish/Celtic songs or stories. The leader is also free to sing solo if they want to.


These recordings were taken at past sessions and other occasions. They are not intended as high quality recordings or perfect examples, but instead to remind folks of how songs go.

Click on the song title for the music (but maybe different words). Click on the page for words. Click on the song type (solo, duet, chorus, group) for the recording. If it is blue, you can click it!

Song / Music Words 03-Feb-06 @ Imelda 02-Mar-06, Dee & Michael 07-Apr-06 @ Michael 05-May-06 @ Bernie's
All For Me Grog page 2 group   group  
Bedlam Boys page 3 chorus   chorus  
Black Is The Colour page 4 group solo    
Boys From the County Cork Merry Ploughboys chorus      
Colcannon Mary Black chorus      
Fiddler's Green page 7 group duet    
The Fields of Athenry page 8 group      
The Foggy Dew page 9     group  
Forty Shades of Green Celtic-Lyrics solo      
Four Green Fields page 10 group solo group  
Galway Bay page 11 group      
Grace page 13 chorus      
The Green Fields of France page 14     group  
I'll Tell Me Ma page 15 group   group  
In My Prime Mudcat     group  
The Leaving of Liverpool page 18 group   group  
Little Pack of Tailors Pam Swan chorus   chorus  
Maids, When You're Young page 19 chorus      
Mari's Wedding Lady Rowan     group  
Mingulay Boat Song page 20 duet duet group  
Molly Malone page 17 group      
Muirshin Durkin The Pogues     group  
My Irish Molly O page 21 group   group  
The Old Dun Cow Mudcat       group
Orange and the Green Mudcat       chorus
The Orphans' Wedding Mudcat     group  
The Parting Glass page 22 group   group  
Poor Sally Sits A-Weeping Contemplator     solo  
Red is the Rose page 24 group   group  
Ride On Celtic Thunder chorus      
Roddy McCorley page 25 group      
Sally Gardens page 26   duet    
Seven Drunken Nights Celtic-Lyrics chorus      
She Moved Through the Fair page 27 group duet group  
Skye Boat Song Mudcat chorus   group  
Spancil Hill page 29 group solo    
Spanish Lady page 30 group chorus    
The Star of the County Down page 32 group duet group  
The Two Sisters       solo-ish  
Wella, wella waillia Mudcat     chorus  
Whiskey in the Jar page 33 group   group  
The Whistlin' Gypsy Rover page 34 group      
Wild Mountain Thyme page 35 group      
The Wild Rover page 36 group   group  

The Cremation of Sam McGee

The Men That Don't Fit In

    Woman Speaking
non-Celtic songs   All Among the Garlic  

Claudia in German

Lay the Bent to The Bonny Broom