Here are some events from 2017:

New year's day party @ Mark & Ali's

Sebastopol wassail Jan Slideshow  
Berkeley wassail Jan Slideshow  
Weekend in Santa Cruz area Feb    
Weekend at the land (R&R) Feb    
Work weekend at Kowana ranch Mar Slideshow  
St. Patrick's parade, SF Mar Slideshow  
CCE convention weekend, Chicago Apr Slideshow foaming dish at Alinea
Jill's memorial weekend Apr Slideshow  
Camping at Sunset State Park Apr Slideshow  
May Day with Berkeley Morris May Slideshow  
Moon In June at Kowana Ranch Jun Slideshow website
Iceland Jun Slideshow  
England, including Rachel wedding #2 Jul Slideshow  
Lark Camp Jul Slideshow website
Total solar eclipse, Oregon Aug   video entering totality
Kaplan family vacation, Vancouver Aug Slideshow  
Nicole and her dogs at a trial Sep    
KVMR Celtic Festival (Grass Valley) Sep   website
Tyleen & Chris' wedding Oct Slideshow  
Thanksgiving road trip to San Diego Nov    
Thailand vacation, with Gretchen & Gustavo Dec Slideshow  

And here are various 2017 photos of our two cats, Little Fellow and Triskelion.

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