Here are some events from 2016:

Mead tasting with Aimee and friends Jan Slideshow Meadery website
Seattle Wassail Jan Slideshow  
Berkeley Wassail (in Alameda) Jan Slideshow  
Dinner at Manresa Jan Slideshow Restaurant website
St. Lucia, Trinindad, Tobago Feb Slideshow  
Party at Nicole's, with dogs Feb Slideshow  
Colleen's birthday party Mar Slideshow  
Point Reyes (Coast Camp) Mar Slideshow  
CCE ceilis/nights Mar    
CCE convention, St. Louis Apr Slideshow  
Morris ale in Santa Monica Apr Slideshow  
Mayday May Slideshow  
Black & White "tour" May Slideshow  
Folklife and other area stuff May Slideshow  
Moon In June Jun Slideshow  
Solstice with Berkmo Jun Slideshow  
Jill's dog and Alice's party Jul    
Comedy of Errors & Pacifica Jul    
Lark Camp Aug Slideshow website
Visit Art & Margaret (and Lynn, Abby) Aug Slideshow  
Steve's 50th birthday party Aug Slideshow  
Sue's 60th birthday party Aug    
Jonathan's late birthday party Aug    
Kaplan family vacation (Vermont) Sep Slideshow  
Roseann & Al's party Sep Slideshow  
Ashland, Green Show with Berkmo Sep Slideshow website
Astronomy weekend at Kowana Sep Slideshow website
Patty and David's wedding Oct Slideshow website
Our annual party - just a couple Oct    
Visit Sam & Joel in Portland Oct Slideshow  
Thanksgiving with Miriam's family Nov Slideshow  
Christmas in England and Wales Dec Slideshow video of fountain at Blenheim

And here are various 2016 photos of our two cats, Little Fellow and Triskelion.

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