Here are some events from 2008:

Berkeley Wassail Jan  
Weekend at Richard & Lynn's ranch Jan  
Jonathan's party Feb  
Weekend in Tahoe (Jen's cabin) Feb  
Hakone Gardens Mar  
Art & Margaret's wedding Mar  
Holiday in Wales + England Apr  
May Day May  
Black & White Tour (Golden Gate Park) May  
Moon In June (Kowana Ranch) June  
Wine Country Tour / Mad Robin Ball June  
Summer Solstice June  
San Francisco Free Folk Festival June website
Lark Camp Aug website
Steve's party Aug slideshow
Sara's leaving party Sept slideshow
Prelude to Goth party Sept  
Sebastopol Celtic Festival Sept slideshow
BACDS Fall Weekend Oct website
Alex's Bar Mitzvah Oct slideshow
Halloween parties x2 Oct  
Thanksgiving parties x2 Nov  
Wine tasting and hike Nov  
Dickens Faire Nov slideshow
Christmas Eve @ Dee's Dec  
Christmas Day @ our house Dec  
Kalia & Jon's party Dec slideshow
A few days in Ojai Dec  


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