Here are some events from 2004:

Sebastopol wassail, 1/2004
Berkeley wassail, 1/2004
New Year's day, 1/2004
Angeline performing in Patience, 4/2004
Playford Ball, 4/2004
Palm Springs, 4/2004
Duck. Morris "ale" held in LA area, 4/2004
May Day, with Berkeley Morris, 5/2004
Folklife Festival in Seattle, 5/2004
Jack Russell Brewery, with Berkeley Morris, 5/2004
Seabright Day of Dance, 6/2004
"Moon in June" at Kowana Valley Ranch, 6/2004 & other trips to the ranch, 2/2004 & 3,4/2004 & 8/2004
Mad Robin Ball, 6/2004

San Francisco Free Folk Festival, 6/2004. Some more here. By the way, I'm now Director of the SFFFF

Kaplan family vacation, 6/2004
Josh's birthday "flotilla", 7/2004
Dave's going away party, 7/2004
England, dancing with Berkeley Morris, 7/2004
Filoli Gardens, 8/2004
Angeline's house concerts, 8/2004 and 11/2004
SF Zoo with Miriam's parents, 12/2004 and other parental visits 1/2004 and 5/2004
Jonathan & Jenny's housewarming, 12/2004
Christmas day in SF and at Dee's party
New year's eve party at our house


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